Refund Transfers

If you are receiving a refund,  Refund Transfers* are an optional, safe and convenient way to receive your refund. Pay nothing up front with Refund Transfer*. Tax Preparation Fees are taken out of your refund amount. Additional bank fee will apply. See store for complete details.

Arkansas Select Tax Services, Inc. offers FREE Electronic Filing with paid Tax Preparation, therefore NO additional bank fees are necessary. Refund Transfer* and other financial products are completely optional. Ask your tax preparer for complete details about all IRS E-file options.

*Refund Transfers are bank deposit products using Civista Bank, Member FDIC, that enable certain deductions from the account to be processed. Refund Transfers are not loans. Tax refund and e-filing are required  in order to receive Refund Transfer. Fees apply. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Ask your preparer about other IRS e-file options, some of which are provided at no additional cost.

Contact one of our (4) four locations for details.

Why Use a Refund Transfer?

Pay Nothing Up-Front!

By selecting a Refund Transfer* you pay no out-of-pocket expense to have your tax return(s) prepared. Tax preparation fees are paid directly from your refund.



How does it work?

Tax Return is Prepared

Begin by hiring a TPG partner like the tax professionals at Arkansas Select Tax Service. If you are expecting a refund you may select an optional Refund Transfer* from TPG.

Your Return is e-Filed

Your tax return (including our bank information) is e-filed to the IRS, and the IRS is instructed to route the refund through our bank.

Receive Your Refund

Once we get your refund, TPG takes out all associated fees, giving you the balance of the refund amount either as a cashier's check, direct deposit or other disbursement option. See your tax preparer for all refund disbursement options and complete details.

The Refund Transfer* offers a convenient and secure payment option. If you don’t have a bank account, the Refund Transfer* gives you access to the same benefits as taxpayers that have bank accounts. If you just want an alternative to paying up-front with cash or a credit card ask your tax preparer about the Refund Transfer*. Additional bank fee will apply.